Animal Planet (No Other Way)

by Joe Con

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On this animal planet I be the cannibal kicking back on an elephant’s back young hannibal If you don’t understand that that’s understandable but cats try and trap me in trap that’s just laughable dog i’m too adaptable fiery Highly flammable killer whale vanilla pale snackin’ on you mackerels tip the scales chicken flippin’ tail rappers sniffin’ trails set the sails i be gettin’ mail shippin’ bricks and bales i give em hell and live to tell my own biography it’s hard to stop me and my argonauts upon our odyssey from barbershops to chartered yachts to toppin’ charts from droppin’ art we got your body parts bout as wet as water parks Watches I’m an Audemars darker than some caviar cars i’m a Jaguar barkin’ up the boulevard and that’s an XJ bad in the best way ahead of my time next day find me when you press play

There is No Other Way

I got you enchantee pardon my francias i ball all day just like Nadal on clay your love is nothin’ like a tennis game my pen is flame without a doubt if you ever dream of being king i end your rain without a drought now i’m mean as kerosene holy water heroine fiends be getting clean when i intervene the angels sing haters serpentine as snakes wait and wanna murder me you want that beef i put that flame on you boy burger king i’m to do my thing and spread my wings while i’m up in here behind the scenes spirit pullin’ strings on you puppeteer i be that bombardier that drop on you like guillotines shining like a chandelier and light you up like Halloween I stay fresh to death never less better yet death can only kill the flesh with this breath i resurrect every sun that sets rises on another day genuflect and pay respect my son there is no other way

I went from bluegrass to rap to loot stacks from two packs I pull myself up by the bootstraps cus when i was a new cat up in this new jack i had to prove that i can do that girl i show you where the moon at when i push that sun roof back but ma ain’t no way that i can ever pay you back yesterday you went away i can never bring you back so all i do is live today like i’m supposed to do reaching for the stars and pray that some day i be close to you for now i guess your ghost will do i know this note is overdue but you know that my love is deeper than the ocean blue and plus twice as wide just meet me on the other side all that thunder in the sky is only angel’s lullabies so baby don’t you cry i see you when i close my eyes that’s no surprise you were the one who showed me how to fly life is mostly lows and highs hellos and sad goodbyes love comes and goes but nothing ever really dies


released July 25, 2014
Joe Con: lyrics and vocals
Alchemist: production (Top Prospect instrumental)
Pause aka Dan Daniels: engineering




Joe Con Los Angeles, California

From acoustic folk to electric blues, hyper literate hip hop to sweat drenched soul, Joe Con writes and performs original music in a variety of genres. . Fueled by a lifelong voracity for digesting the written word, the songwriter applies the same gift for articulation to his work whether he's penning a plaintive ballad, a rollicking blues, or a hip hop anthem. ... more

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