Eye Contact

by Joe Con

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my interpretation of J Dilla's classic beat "Microphone Master" ... peace love & respect to the God ... J Dilla ... one


let’s make eye contact safe in a place they can’t find on maps let’s touch scratch like vinyl wax and when we finally collapse let’s rewind it back

i could feel her make her approach i was a player she was a coach she had layers when she took off her coat it was hard not to stare got a lump in my throat rarified air in her prime fine with her genuine flair yes you’re a dime and if you’re inclined let’s intertwine tall glass a wine miss dinner time vibes i crept inner so soft i could have slept inner so wet i could have wept in her bed wetter she don’t remember other men she let inner im a bred winner head getter

sight beyond sight blessed with the vision light up the night as it is written in the fight of my life is a gentle transition build the temple of eternal life

protect us and guide us connect and unite us direct and advise us bless and inspire us on a quest to be next to your highness less than the best is a question of flyness first class jumbo jets to the islands hall pass all that plus she was smiling as we’re arriving plus she hawaiian peace to the pilots thanks for the mileage the air was warm as her smile is i played it cool as my style is low as my eyelids she got the golden touch miss midas i got the golden gun come find it


released February 29, 2012
beat by J Dilla
lyrics by Joe Con

recorded and mixed by DJ Paper & Drew at Angelhouse

laid down @ The Crib




Joe Con Los Angeles, California

From acoustic folk to electric blues, hyper literate hip hop to sweat drenched soul, Joe Con writes and performs original music in a variety of genres. . Fueled by a lifelong voracity for digesting the written word, the songwriter applies the same gift for articulation to his work whether he's penning a plaintive ballad, a rollicking blues, or a hip hop anthem. ... more

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