from LIGHTWORK by Joe Con



Joe Con is The Word Made Fresh



You know the deal I am UNREAL this is the birth of the young you should kneel you know the spiel ’17 til zen with the pen making moves standing still still stay awake or you making a will making waves I’m a whale with a baleen for krill make a way or I may make a kill make you pay like it’s pay day you calling out m’aidez I bring you the melee like workers on May Day you surface I’m so low I serve it up solo for real and I got no chill and I breathe underwater no gills and I breeze over water like Jesus no pledging allegiance heaven’s own secret the 7’s I speak of they open the seals from the kingdom concealed everything is revealed breaking bread getting cake with my meals got the flow got her naked in heels got the dough now I’m baking my mills on the low then I lace em with traces of trill run the place at the pace of the space that I fill saying grace for the grace that I feel now we talking Revelation I be walking out the devastation off the reservation feast no reservation freshly shaven then pound the pavement gimme brains off top education make it rain on crops cultivation no moderation stay fresh to death and then resurrect that’s self-preservation that’s elevation through levitation likely highly medicated

UNREAL I am UN I am UNREAL you know the you know the DEAL

You know the deal I am UNREAL this is the birth of the Young you should Neil you know the spiel been ready to spill you see the name on the top of the bill Deniro the hero & Con is the heel all of my ills have been healed all of my dogs on my heels no frills I keep her wet as a seat I’m just a cog in her wheel softer than steel I am the god you can feel I’m copping all of the feels rocking the teal too odd to even the keel I eat her pussy like veal she go bananas don’t fall for the peel peel off her panties she got that appeal got her so hot gotta thaw for the chill got her hot for the brat throw the dogs on the grill and it’s all for the thrill I just go in for the kill hot like she popping a pill if she pop it or not i’m a hop in the cockpit and rocket on up to the top of the spot get her checking the clock watching the knot in my pocket and checking her thoughts she check it a lot it could be the watch or me cocking my pistol and licking my shot when I fill in the blank kill it and fill up the tank to the ceiling for real i’m building a bank filling the need til i’m spilling my seeds but i’m still in the v cus i’m killing the v i be drilling the v like my girl on the pill dripping and spilling milk out her lips when she blow me a kiss ink to the pink make her flip when i dip in the tip of the quill it’s UNREAL

UNREAL I am UN I am UNREAL you know the you know the DEAL

Never really gave a single damn about a rapper ain’t a factor when I think about the way I make it happen when I’m rapping I’m the captain of my ship don’t listen to shit today that passes for the magic for the masses method to my madness every record is a classic every second every breath keep stretching for the atlas addict for the practice automatic for the people til we’re equal keep it lethal like scratches on the needle


from LIGHTWORK, released March 15, 2019
produced by King Dvyce
lyrics by Joe Con


all rights reserved



Joe Con Los Angeles, California

some kind of a one of a kind of a son of a gun unidentified

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